1st Mondays ACT Study Group

Detailed agenda and details:

Notes from our Dec meeting
Admin stuff –  
Need help with making sure everyone is plugged into the various ACT resources electronically.
1.  FB group – contact Dawn or Beth. Dawn will friend Brian and Patty
2.  SMACT & ACT in NE mailing lists –  contact Joel
3.  Local ACT providers list – contact Mindy Slovinsky (in the other study group)
4.  ACBS – go on-line contextualsciences.org and sign up.  Great resources, minimum dues $10 year
5.  There is a question if we need a specific ACT-MSG email group or other way of staying connected to this group in particular. There are 12 of us in this email group right now.  Please find a way to save this group for communicating.
From the discussion of the Portland Model:
We reviewed the mission and participants agreements on p146.  We voted to keep all of the above.  One additional agreement is being willing to do a 15 min peer phone consult btw group meetings.  (The mechanics of this will be worked out by the group.)
We also reviewed the general roles and roles during experiential skill building session.   Hearty and fruitful discussion all around.   Decided to use their recipe for 3 months and then refine it to meet our group needs.
For next session: 
1..  Everyone will reread the full article just before our next meeting, including Individual commitments and ID their own individual commitment.
2.   Carolee agreed to trim the meeting outline down to fit our 90 min time frame.
3.   We assigned roles for next session; see article for the key to the roles
OEL = Joni – keep opening exercise to 5 min
GL = Carolee – keeping us to a strict time schedule
PF = Susan – keeps bringing the topic back to ACT
TL = Joel – because he wasn’t here today!  Scribe for unfinished business, sign ups for next session, reminder email
SB = Curt
ASB =Brian