Groups for Substance Abuse and Addiction

I am currently developing several different groups for substance abuse and addiction.  Each has its own focus on different aspects or phases of recovery.

  • Wise Paths.   This ten-week course will introduce members to strategies for enhancing traditional recovery approaches (e.g., 12 step approaches) with an exciting, innovative form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) known as acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT).  Read more.
  • Unhooked.   Strategies and support for folks struggling with behavioral addictions (nonchemical addictions and other compulsive behaviors) such as gambling and internet use.  Read more
  • Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention.  Part group, part class, this eight-week course will introduce members to a range of strategies, adding practical mindfulness skills to a set of core relapse prevention skills.  Read more.
  • Mindful Recovery.  Explore and develop your unique recovery path borrowing the best ideas and practices from both Eastern traditions and Western recovery models and psychology.  Read more.

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