ACT Peer Consultation Group, Friday, February 21, 2014 @ 8 am

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Peer Consultation Group
Portland, Maine

Here is the agenda for the next ACT Peer Consultation Group
Friday, February 21, 2014 @ 8 am

If you have not previously attended this group but are a mental health or healthcare professional and would like to participate, please contact me first.


  1. Welcome to guests and new members, introductions.
  2. Brief Mindfulness Exercise.  Need a volunteer.
  3. Special Topic:  Self-as-Context, aka Flexible Perspective-taking
    Note from Julie: “For the February group…everyone enthusiastically agreed to focus on ‘self-as-context,’ yet we didn’t identify who was to take the lead on this. Who would like to volunteer to address this with the group?”  Update:  Alexa and Frank have volunteered to lead our discussion on these topics.  Thanks to Alexa and Frank.
  4. Resources.
    (a) You can sign into the ACBS site and read this recent online discussion about Self-as-Context.
    (b) Mattieu Villatte was interviewed on the ACT in Context podcast produced by ACBS.  Well worth a listen as it covers both theory and clinical relevance.
    (c) Please email me to recommend other resources you have found helpful and I will list them here.
  5. Planning.  We will spend a few minutes near the end to plan future meetings.

Extra:  A few of us from the ACT Study Group have decided to form a monthly Evolution Science and Behavior reading/discussion group, after work hours and in a more sociable setting.  First meeting will be in on Wednesday, February 5.   Let me know (email me) if you are interested.

ACT Study Groups, February 2014

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Study Groups
Portland, Maine
Led by Joel Guarna, PhD

1st Mondays ACT Study Group
Next meeting will be February 3, 2014 @ 8 am


  1. Our discussion will focus on Brief Interventions for Radical Change by Strosahl et al. this month.   Please plan to read through chapters 7 & 8 by date of our next meeting.
  2. I would like to spend some time getting back to case consultation.  If you have a case you would like to discuss, plan to give us a summary to consider for consultation and feedback.
  3. As we approach the latter half of the Radical Change book, consider what topics you would like to study going into the spring.

1st Wednesdays ACT Study Group is currently *on hold* and in re-grouping mode until we have sufficient numbers to resume.  Let me know if you are interested in “seeding” this group (the Monday group is full and has a waiting list).

Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group, Wed., Feb 19, 2014 @ 6 pm

The long-threatened Evolution Science & Behavior Group will be starting in a few weeks. Teresa Valliere and I will be jointly herding the cats on this one. Details:

Wednesday, Feb 19* @ 6 pm (*rescheduled due to weather)
Great Lost Bear on Forest Ave in Portland

1. Welcomes!
2. Food!
3. Evolution for Everyone! Teresa and I are both fans of David Sloan Wilson and his book “Evolution for Everyone.” It is both a great overview of evolutionary principles and a quick segue into the relevance of EvoS to the behavioral sciences and to applied folks like us. If you plan to attend, please obtain this book (quickly via Amazon or elsewhere) and give the first three chapters a read. It’s a breeze.  (Note:  My previous post suggested we read chapters 1 & 2.  Having re-read them –they are short– I think it might be more useful to read through chapter 3 to give us more to discuss.  Or don’t.  Either way, show up and chat with us!)

4.  If you are biting at the bit and want a preview of where we might go with this study group, give this episode of Joanne Dahl’s ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope in which she interviews David Sloan Wilson.  (This is the Jan 6, 2014 episode.  You can also find it in iTunes or via the iTunes podcast app or Sticher radio app.)  If you have a bit more time to dedicate to this, give a listen to this interview with Wilson on On Being.  Thanks to Dawn Stratton (I think?) for drawing my attention to this one — it’s a gem.

Time to give one final RSVP if you plan to make our inaugural meeting and haven’t already confirmed with Teresa or me. Please let us know with a quick email if you plan to attend so we know what size table to secure for our meeting.

Hope to see you there.