Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group: March 2014

The Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group (EvoS)
will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month @ 6 pm.

Teresa Valliere and I (Joel Guarna) will be coordinating this group.

Next: Wednesday, March 26 @ 6 pm
Location: Great Lost Bear on Forest Ave in Portland

1. Welcomes!
2. Food!
3. Evolution for Everyone by David Sloan Wilson.  Last month we read chapters 1-3.  I don’t think we specified how many chapters to read for month two.  How about chapters 4-7?
4.  If you are biting at the bit and want a preview of where we might go with this study group, check out the previous post for Feb 2014 and follow links to some audio interviews with David Sloan Wilson or visit the EvoS page on this blog for some additional resources and videos.  If you are interested in the interplay of EvoS and ACT as applied to groups, check out this video conversation between David Sloan Wilson and Steven Hayes on the Prosocial project.

If you want to join us but haven’t already confirmed with Teresa or me, please let us know with a quick email.

Hope to see you there.

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