ACT Peer Consultation Group, August 15

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Peer Consultation Group
Portland, Maine

The ACT Peer Consultation Group meets on the third Friday of each month.
Next: Friday, August 15 @ 8-9:30 am

If you have not previously attended this group but are a mental health or healthcare professional and would like to participate, please contact me first.

Coordinator:  Joel  (I got my dates mixed up, turns out I WILL be here.)

The August meeting will be back to our usual location in the MMC-Family Practice conference room.


  1. Welcome to guests and new members, introductions.
  2. Brief Mindfulness Exercise.  Steve Hull will lead the group through a short mindfulness exercise.
  3. Topic:  Cushing Island Retreat.  Brief discussion about the state of planning for the upcoming (Sept 12-14) ACT retreat.  Teresa will provide an update and recruit both attendees and presenters!
  4. Case Presentations.  Please be sure to bring a case or clinical situation to present to the group for feedback and discussion.  Based on past experiences, we will probably get to 2-3 cases over the 90 minutes.
  5. Resources:  n/a
  6. Planning.  We will spend a few minutes near the end to plan future meetings and identify someone to take the lead coordinating the next meeting.

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