Evolution Science and Behavior Study Group, October 29th

The Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group (EvoS) will typically meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month @ 6 pm.  However, in October we have moved the meeting back to the fifth Wednesday to permit the activity we had planned.  We will need to discuss the November meeting due to its proximity to Thanksgiving.

Teresa Valliere and I (Joel Guarna) will be coordinating this group.

Next:  Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 6 pm

Location: Teresa’s office (details and directions pending)

1. Welcomes!
2. Food! (probably going to order pizza)
3. Documentary on stress and evolution science, biology.
4. Next book: In September, the group chose a new book to begin reading and discussing, starting at our November meeting:  EO Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth, available for ~ $12 in paperback through Amazon (or elsewhere).  We will also discuss a hybrid format for reading and studying this book together.
5.  The group has tired of the Great Lost Bear.  We need to generate a new location for our November meeting.  Think good and affordable food, convenient parking, comfortable tables, and decent acoustics so we can actually hear one another.

ACT Peer Consultation Group, October 17th

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Peer Consultation Group
Portland, Maine

The ACT Peer Consultation Group meets on the third Friday of each month.
Next: Friday, October 17 @ 8-9:30 am

If you have not previously attended this group but are a mental health or healthcare professional and would like to participate, please contact me first.

Coordinator:  Joel

The October meeting will be at our usual location in the MMC-Family Practice conference room.


  1. Welcome!  (No new members expected and probably not the right meeting for new members to join!)
  2. Brief Mindfulness Exercise.  Joel will lead a psychological flexibility exercise as part of his Prosocial intervention.
  3. Prosocial Project.   I (Joel) have mentioned several times in recent months that I am interested in conducting a Prosocial intervention with the group. The Prosocial Project is a fascinating application of both contextual behavioral science (using ACT principles and the Matrix as a specific tool, working with groups) and evolution science, outside the usual context of our offices and clinics.  Others have expressed interest in the topic and I have received positive responses to the idea.  To be clear: I am not presenting this topic, but plan to DO an actual Prosocial intervention with the group. I hope it will be beneficial to the group’s overall process and that it can double as an experiential introduction to the Prosocial Project for those who may want to become more involved with it.  I am glad to follow-up in a subsequent meeting to talk more about it and provide some education if folks want that.
  4. Resources:  If you have not already seen it, please view the Prosocial intro video before the meeting.  I may ask participants to complete some pre-post paperwork as part of the intervention.
  5. Planning.  We will spent a few minutes near the end to set an agenda for November.