Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group, Nov 19

The Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group (EvoS) will typically meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month @ 6 pm.  However, in November we have moved the meeting forward to the third Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Teresa Valliere and I (Joel Guarna) will be coordinating this group.

Next:  November 19, 2014 @ 6 pm

Location: Teresa’s office

1. Welcomes!
2. Food!
3. Next book: In November we will start reading EO Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth, available for ~ $12 in paperback through Amazon (or elsewhere).  We agreed to read chapters 1-6 with our experimental new format.  Please read all the chapters but plan to give a quick review on your chapter and perhaps connect topics to our work or raise interesting questions for us to consider.  For this month, I am just going to go ahead and assign chapters more-or-less randomly.  Please let us know if you are planning to miss in November so we can cover the review portion (Julie, I already have you as missing so skipped you in the line-up.  Let me know if your plans changed.)  Let’s think of a better system going forward.

Chapter / Reviewer

1  Beth K
2  Beth E
3  Dawn
4  Joni
5  Joel
6  Teresa

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