ACT Peer Consultation Group, Dec 19 @ VA Outpatient Clinic

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Peer Consultation Group
Portland, Maine

The ACT Peer Consultation Group meets on the third Friday of each month.
Next: Friday, Dec 19 @ 8-9:30 am

If you have not previously attended this group but are a mental health or healthcare professional and would like to participate, please contact me first.

Coordinator:  Joel

The December meeting will be at the VA Outpatient Clinic at 144 Fore Street.  Julie has asked folks to  park on the street or in the Hamilton Marine Parking lot because the VA has limited parking.


  1. Welcome!  
  2. Brief Mindfulness Exercise.  A brave volunteer will lead us through a short mindfulness exercise.
  3. Prosocial/Group Processes.  At the last meeting, we followed-up on the Prosocial intervention done with the group.  Members who were present discussed various aspects of group norms and processes and considered ways to clarify our purpose, improve attendance, and perhaps increase the cohesion. We also discussed ways of making the decision-making and agenda-setting more inclusive.  We discussed possible follow-up with tool (sorry, not gonna happen until next year).  This month, we may follow-up on action plans to put these ideas into practice for the new year.
  4. Case Consultation.  We will spend the bulk of our meeting reviewing a few cases. If you have an interesting or challenging case you would like to present, please bring relevant details.  Otherwise, plan to participate in consulting on others’ cases.
  5. Stuff I Missed.  I have a sense there was more agenda for the month than I recall.  If someone remembers, please let us know!
  6. Planning.  We will spent a few minutes near the end to set an agenda for 2015.

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