ACT Study Group, March 2015

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Study Groups
Portland, Maine
Led by Joel Guarna, PhD

Learn about the ACT Study Group format

1st Mondays ACT Study Group
Next meeting will be Mar 2, 2015 @ 8 am – 9:30 am
Location: Joel’s office


  1. At last meeting, we discussed a variety of issues about the format and future of this group. In addition to our usual agenda, we need to follow-up on these topics. Members who were present suggested that we all make a renewed effort to arrive on time.
  2. The recent workshop run by Teresa and myself has stirred up some folks interested in a second study group. We have reached critical mass for a second group, actually a full second group. It is time to make a decision about the possible hybrid format (in which folks periodically rotate through both groups). Give this some consideration and come prepared to share your thoughts about this. I will make a formal proposal about this in March.
  3. Please read through chapters 5 of “The ACT Matrix: A New Approach to Building Psychological Flexibility Across Settings and Populations” by Kevin L. Polk PhD (Editor) and Benjamin Schoendorff MA MSc (Editor).  If you are feeling taxed with all the reading, it is OK to just show up prepared to talk and rely on the reviewers! Chapters will be reviewed by two members each (members volunteered in January).  We will spend approximately 20 minutes per chapter.  Below, please see the assignments for this month.  Other members will be asked to volunteer to review chapters in April.
  4. Remembering the recent research suggesting we should all be sitting less and moving more, our in-house yoga instructor, Joni, will remind us to stand up and move around a bit after each 20 minute chapter review.  Thanks Joni!
  5. I think we agreed to spend some time discussing clinical issues after the first hour but I may be confusing this with the Peer Group.  My bad.  Someone will need to jar this factoid loose.
  6. 9:15 am = “Y’all shut up, time to discuss the agenda for next month!”  We will more mindful of setting an agenda.

Chapter assignments for the March meeting:

3.  Susan and Teresa
4.  Joni and Jane
5.  Joel and Curtis

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