Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group, June 24, 2015

The Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group (EvoS) will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month @ 6 pm.

Teresa Valliere and I (Joel Guarna) will be coordinating this group.

Next:  Wednesday, June 24, 2015 @ 6 pm
Location: Teresa’s office

  1. Welcomes!
  2. Food!
  3. Book: In November we started reading EO Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth, available through Amazon (or elsewhere).  In May we finished most of the last chapters.  We will read the final chapter and briefly discuss in June.
  4. We are currently considering a variety of next books for our meetings.  In May, we decided to use our summer meetings to view several short presentations and/or interviews of authors discussing their EvoS books to help us select a book by end of summer/early fall.  We agreed to watch and discuss 2-3 videos/interviews together per month and plan to discuss.  If you have a book you want to recommend or know a specific talk/interview you would like to recommend to the group, let us know.  Candidate videos (and corresponding books) at bottom.
  5. For our June meeting (after completing the EO Wilson book), let’s plan to watch the TED talk by Richard Dawkins together at the meeting.
  6. For July, let’s plan to watch the TED talks by Christopher Ryan and Janine Benyus.
  7. August is wide open.

List of talks/books (please recommend others):

  • Christopher Ryan’s TED talk as possible preview to reading Sex at Dawn (or an alternative talk by Ryan).
  • Talk on the evolution of fiction (need author name and talk, if available).
  • Janine Benyus’s TED talk on Biomimicry
  • Peter Diamandis’s TED talk on Abundance (cultural evolution? kinda? sorta?)
  • Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee (read about it; Google talk) or even Guns, Germs and Steel (you might think of this as about cultural evolution; interview; free! online documentary).
  • Other possible next books include Jonathan Rottenberg on depression (The Depths),  David Sloan Wilson on applied EvoS (The Neighborhood Project; interview here) or one of Richard Dawkins’s classic books on evolution science (sample TED talk), such as The Selfish Gene or The Extended Phenotype (the book he believes is his best and most important).

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