ACT Fall Retreat 2015

2nd Southern Maine ACT Fall Retreat
ACT in Action: Taking The Practice Deeper

Sept 11-13, 2015
Cushing Island, Portland, Maine
12-14 CEs (pending approval)


Members of the Southern Maine ACT community are invited to join an experiential ACT weekend on Cushing Island sponsored and facilitated by members of the ACT Peer Consultation and Study Groups in Portland. The weekend has multiple purposes: Learn about ACT and have a first-person experience of ACT, share our collective wisdom, gain experience leading a discussion or workshop, connect with one another and build our community, and engage in self-care. We’ll do this on two levels – as clinicians and as participants – so you are invited to take both an intellectual and personal perspectives. There will be a variety of topics, and all will weave into the development of 6 major processes of psychological flexibility.

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