ACT and EvoS Dates for September

Here are upcoming meeting dates:
Sept 7     8-9:30 am   First Mondays ACT Study Group **LABOR DAY/MEETING CANCELLED FOR SEPTEMBER** (auto payments will be refunded)
Sept 11-13  2nd Annual Southern Maine ACT Community Reteat! (link)
Sept 18   8-9:30 am   ACT Peer Consultation Group @ MMC Family Practice
Sept 21   8-9:30 am   Third Mondays ACT Study Group
Sept 23   6-8ish pm   Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group.
Other Notes:
  • If you are attending the retreat and have not already registered, please make your payment and register ASAP.
  • Reminder that you can review the sort-able database of ACT clinicians in Southern Maine here.  It is a great tool and I have used it many times in the past couple of weeks to make referrals. You might consider placing an easy-to-access bookmark on your browser (like I do).  Contact Mindy with your info if you are not on the list or if you need to make changes to the info there.

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