ACT and EvoS Dates and Agenda for September 2015

September 2015
Sept 7     8-9:30 am   First Mondays ACT Study Group **LABOR DAY/MEETING CANCELLED FOR SEPTEMBER** (auto payments will be refunded)
Sept 11-13  2nd Annual Southern Maine ACT Community Reteat! (link)
Follow-up:  Link to feedback form will be posted here once it is designed and active.
Sept 18   8-9:30 am   ACT Peer Consultation Group @ MMC Family Practice
Topics: Highlights from the retreat. Is an “emotional hangover” a thing? (<–joke) Discussion about the role of experiential training in gaining proficiency with ACT. Check-in about the state of the community.  Brief summary of Internal Family Systems Therapy by Beth Kubik in preparation for possible meeting on this topic this fall.  Additional agenda setting for Fall 2015.
Sept 21   8-9:30 am   Third Mondays ACT Study Group
Topics:  Welcome to 2 new members. Check-in about where members are with their evolving interest in and proficiency with ACT.  Agenda setting for Fall 2015.  Options for book study as a group (bring your favorites or those on your wish list).
Sept 23   6-8ish pm   Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group.
Topics: Conversation & community, food, and part 2 of the documentary on Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs & Steel.”

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