Therapy PracticeLab: New Program for Therapists in Private Practice

Therapy PracticeLab
Therapy PracticeLab is a new project to allow therapists in private practice to participate in a creative, supportive Practice Circle where members utilize the power of having other innovative, amazing therapists completely in their corner. These groups will focus on providing support for the multiple challenges of running a private practice as a small, purposeful, prosocial business.

We are smarter than you are. 
“We” (a team of bright, vital human beings that includes you) are almost always smarter, more innovative, more flexible, and just plain bolder than any of us is in isolation.

Get connected. Stay independent.
Therapy PracticeLab offers a way to work with others without sacrificing our desire to remain independent from administrators or systems that constrain our practices.

Managing the evolution of your practice.
The health care environment is changing…so your practice is evolving. But is it going where you want it to go? My assumption is that the members of this group will all be caring, values-driven individuals, competent if not excellent in their roles as therapists. But being a good therapist will not keep your office open to do the work you value and that benefits others. You also need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and be business savvy to thrive in today’s health care environment. And getting your practice configured “right” is not enough — the environment is rapidly changing. Right today may be wrong tomorrow. What is needed is to maintain flexibility and to be adaptable to changing conditions.

The next adventure.
Private practices are small businesses, albeit businesses with a strong social purpose. We cannot do the work we love if we cannot pay our rent, our health care costs, and meet our family’s financial needs. We need to think more like social entrepreneurs and less like charities.  Getting by and surviving is not sufficient.  It is time to appreciate running your business well as the next challenge and adventure.  But why travel alone?

Read more about Therapy PracticeLab and contact me if you have any questions.

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