ACT and EvoS Dates for October 2015

October 2015
Oct 5     8-9:30 am   First Mondays ACT Study Group
Oct 16   8-9:30 am   ACT Peer Consultation Group @ MMC Family Practice
Topics: Sensorimotor Therapy, led by Joni Altshuler.  Joni: “My aim will be to give a brief intro, share some tools to help expand mindfulness in sessions and introduce a new map
for conceptualizing cases.”  Article to read in advance.
Oct 19   8-9:30 am   Third Mondays ACT Study Group
Topics:  Welcome to new members. Check-in about xxx.  Agenda setting for Fall 2015. Options for book study as a group (bring your favorites or those on your wish list).
Oct 28   6-8ish pm   Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group.
Topics: Conversation & community, food, and part 3 of the documentary on Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs & Steel.” (If you are catching up, here are parts 1 and 2.) **Time to pick a next book or film to watch and study.**

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