ACT and EvoS Dates for November 2015

November 2015
As I write this post, I am reminded of this great quote:
“The buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching toward infinity…”― A. Edward Newton
Nov 2     8-9:30 am   First Mondays ACT Study Group
Topics: Social Support. Presenter: Joel will lead the group through a whiteboard experiential exercise to assess and conceptualize one’s social support network and connections and how to intervene with these. We will likely incorporate the Matrix to identify obstacles and to imagine (and–who knows?–perhaps commit to) meaningful toward moves. Toward the end, time permitting, we will pivot to relevant clinical cases. Lastly, we will continue to inch toward selection of a next text to study. What will it be? Perhaps: The Wisdom to Know the Difference, The Nurture Effect, or showing our impressive range, Daring Greatly (or my speed). Stay tuned.
Nov 16   8-9:30 am   Third Mondays ACT Study Group
Topics:  Welcome to 2-3 new members. Group will be full and closed (again) as of this month. Today we start our study of Learning ACT by Luoma, Hayes & Walser.  Preparation: Please purchase the book, read the Intro and Chapter 1 by date of our meeting. Starting in December, we will assign chapters to review and present and also plan to explore the focal processes in more depth at the meetings. We will plan to connect the study and discussion to relevant clinical cases.
Nov 20   8-9:30 am   ACT Peer Consultation Group @ MMC Family Practice
Topics: Internal Family Systems.  Presenter: Elizabeth Wheeler, PhD.  Materials to review in advance: Check back later.
Dec 2  6-8ish pm   Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group
The EvoS Group, which usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, will run into holidays both in November and December.  We have decided to have a “split-the-difference” meeting on Wednesday, Dec 2 instead.  The group decided to start a new book, The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall, available in paperback, hardcover and audiobook.
Extra:  Therapy PracticeLab!  Groups are forming with plans to meet at two times: 2nd Wednesday of each month (@ 8 am) starting December 9 and 2nd Friday of each month starting December 11.  The 2nd Fridays group will meet @ 8 am just for the first meeting in December and then @ 9 am starting in January.

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