ACT and EvoS Dates for January 2016

Jan 4   8-9:30 am   First Mondays ACT Study Group
Topics:  This month we have multiple items on our agenda.  Firstly, we will say “farewell” to Clay and process his departure from the group.  Secondly, we will continue our review of The Wisdom to Know the Difference by Kelly Wilson focusing on chapters 2 & 3.  Carolee will provide some summary and facilitate discussion of Chapter 2.  Beth will provide some summary and facilitate discussion of Chapter 3. Preparation: Read chapters 2 & 3 and bring a substance abuse case to discuss.

Jan 11   8-9:30 am   Third Mondays ACT Study Group

Due to the holiday schedule, the 3rd Mondays ACT Study Group will continue to meet on SECOND Mondays for January and February.  In December we started reviewing Learning ACT by Luoma, Hayes & Walser in earnest. This month, we will start with summaries of the three remaining ACT core process and their opposites as described in Chapter 1 (refer to figure 1.1 on p. 12 for the “opposites”)–Jack: Committed Action, Tracy: Values, Katie: SAC. Mindy and Colin will jointly summarize new concepts introduced in ch. 2 on Acceptance/Willingness and bring a relevant clinical case or two for discussion.  Preparation: Please read chapter 2 by our meeting date.

Jan 15   8-9:30 am   ACT Peer Consultation Group (@ MMC Family Practice).  Topics: Case discussion and conceptualization. Bring a case to discuss.

Jan 20   6 pm-?  Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group
The EvoS Group, which usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, has another scheduling conflict in January.  We decided to meet on Jan 20 instead.  In December we reviewed (more-or-less) the first half of The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall. Please come prepared to discuss the second half of the book.  Also, start to review some potential books to read in the New Year.


Extra:  Therapy PracticeLab!  Groups launched in December and are off to a great start.  At this moment, we have a couple of open seats available.  Contact me if you are interested.  Agenda will be emailed directly to participants.  Meeting days are:

  • 2nd Friday of each month (@ 9 am); next meeting: Jan 8 @ 9 am
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month (@ 8 am); next: Jan 13 @ 8 am