ACT in New England List: February 2016

The ACT in New England List includes workshops on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and related contextual-behavioral approaches in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and occasionally in surrounding areas.


Still time to register!
Joni Altshuler and Teresa Valliere are holding a 2-day experiential workshop, Embodied ACT: Integrating body awareness into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy practice, in Portland, ME on February 25-26.  Participants will “learn to assist…clients in a method of mindful self-study that notices how their whole body organizes experiences.” The workshop will introduce an “expanded mind-body approach [that] can help clients make sense of their bodily experiences in new and flexible ways, freeing them to make different choices in the present.” For more information or to register, follow the link above or go


John Forsyth will lead a 2-day experiential workshop, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A Practical Introduction in Clinical Practice, in Albany, NY on March 18-19. He will lead exercises to “highlight the integration of mindfulness and acceptance strategies (along with kindness and compassion exercises) to disarm forms of human suffering and also to promote greater clarity of values and action in the service of living well.”


Beth Eilers and Joel Guarna will lead a 1-day workshop, Good Night Insomnia: Proven strategies to help your clients get the sleep they need, in Portland, ME on May 6.  This workshop will cover a variety of CBT and ACT “best practices” and using them in a range of settings (e.g., integrated behavioral health, private practice) with various co-occurring issues (e.g, pain, addictions). Registration is not yet open but save the date! Check your email, contact me, or watch the website to know when register begins. Continue reading