ACT, EvoS, and PracticeLab in March 2016

March 7, 8-9:30 am.  First Mondays ACT Study Group
Agenda:  Welcome new (but quite familiar) member Beth K to the group!  Curtis will review Chapter 4 of The Wisdom to Know the Difference by Kelly Wilson and lead us in case discussion.  Preparation: Read chapter 4 and bring a relevant case to discuss.

March 9, 8-9:30 am.  2nd Wednesdays Therapy PracticeLab
Agenda emailed directly (in RECAP meeting notes).

March 11, 9-10:30 am.  2nd Fridays Therapy PracticeLab
Agenda emailed directly (in RECAP meeting notes).

March 18, 8-9:30 am.  ACT Peer Consultation Group
Location: MMC Family Practice Clinic (272 Congress St). Topics: “Embodied ACT/Minding the Body” with Teresa Valliere and Joni Altshuler.  Teresa and Joni will share some highlights from their recent workshop and engage us in discussion and perhaps an experiential exercise or case discussion (?).

March 21, 8-9:30 am.  Third Mondays ACT Study Group

Agenda: We will temporarily put Learning ACT on hold for this meeting and resume our study in April.  For March, Monique will report on her participation at the recent ACT Boot Camp held on the west coast.

March 30, 6 pm-?  Evolution Science & Behavior Study Group
The EvoS Group usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month but due to schedule conflicts, we will be meeting on the fifth Wednesday, March 30.  We will watch part 2 of the video, Buddha’s Brain.  Starting in March, we will be reading and discussing The Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley. Please purchase the book and read chapters 1-3 in preparation for the meeting.

Coming Soon: May 6th!

Good Night, Insomnia
Proven Strategies to Help Your Clients Get the Sleep They Need
with Beth Eilers and Joel Guarna

Using a combination of didactic presentation, experiential exercises, and hands-on practice, this workshop will explore behavioral treatments for insomnia. We will compare and contrast approaches based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with an emphasis on the latter. We will demonstrate and practice a variety of strategies, exercises, and metaphors. This training will give you an understanding of the science of sleep, various and flexible tools to use with your clients, and a workable practice to add to your own self-care regimen.

Members of the Southern Maine ACT Community* can receive the lowest possible rate ($99 vs. full registration price of $140) by completing a  5 minute survey and registering during the Early Registration period (by April 1).

All others may register here.

Printable Flyer

*Members of the Southern Maine ACT Community include anyone who (semi)regularly attends the ACT Peer Consultation Group, one of the ACT Study Groups or EvoS Book Club, or has attended one of the annual retreats.

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