ACT, EvoS, and PracticeLab, Nov 2016

Please note that I have moved our website to

I also updated with a new look/format that will make it easier to maintain.  Please note new workshop listings including Teresa this December and a 2-day workshop with Joel & Teresa in February 2017.


Nov 7, 8-9:30 am. First Mondays ACT Study Group
Agenda: Follow-up on last month’s discussion. Shift to discussion of article on the Portland Model and steps toward implementing some new routines in the group.

Nov 9, 6 pm.  SMACT Organizational Meeting. Location: Teresa’s office, 57 Revere St. Please come and participate in the next phase of formally organizing ourselves as a nonprofit organization.
1) Establish mission
2) Elect officers /assign roles
3) Brainstorm ideas for the organization
We will do this potluck style. Please look for an email about this meeting and reply with a dish to bring.

Nov 11, 9-10:30 am. 2nd Fridays Therapy PracticeLab
Agenda:  Merger day!  We will officially combine the two PracticeLab groups, do intros and orientation, and get back to work developing our practices.

Nov 16, 6 pm.  Evolution Science & Behavior Book Club
The EvoS Book Club usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month but will meet on Nov 16 this month due to conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Agenda: After 1.5 years of good books (e.g., Evolution for Everyone by DS Wilson; Social Conquest of Earth by E.O. Wilson), documentaries (e.g., Guns, Germs and Steel by J. Diamond; Buddha’s Brain), TED talks and other miscellaneous bits, the group has decided to go “old school” and tackle The Source, a.k.a., Darwin’s Origin of Species. Please purchase the book and read the first several chapters.  You should be able to find it easily, used, or otherwise cheap (I notice you can even download free e-book and pdf copies online).

Nov 18, 8-9:30 am. ACT Peer Consultation Group
Mindy will coordinate a leaner version of our usual meeting. Please contact her with questions or to add agenda items. Agenda: Case consultation and open discussion.

Nov 28, 8-9:30 am. Fourth Mondays ACT Study Group
Agenda: Follow-up on article about the Portland Model. Discuss members’ reactions to the experiential exercise of sitting with each item from page 146 (values, agreements, commitments).  Come prepared to craft our own such list, draft a framework for starting practice with the model, and commit to a role.  Launch time is coming!

Other Events: 
Nov 18. Treating Chronic Pain: Evolving Models of Care with Joel Guarna, PhD and Stephen Hull, MD. Maine Psychological Association (MePA) Fall Conference. Location: USM, Glickman Library.

Miscellaneous:  If you have not already added your name and contact info to the regional database of ACT therapists, please provide that info here and we will make sure it gets listed.

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