ACT Core Skills

I am currently developing several different programs to build on introductory workshops that you may have attended.  These include an ACT Study Group (ongoing directed learning, consultation, case review, and support) and three ACT Core Skills workshops (three hours each; listed 1-3 below).  These groups are designed to help you learn and practice your budding skill with ACT.   All of these groups will be both didactic (some presentation of information, demonstration of skills) and experiential (practicing skills, individual and small group exercises).

ACT Study Group

Participants will learn to conceptualize cases from an ACT perspective, study the six ACT core processes, practice practical skills, recommend and share readings, track developments in ACT and RFT research, and support one another as they add ACT skills to their existing approaches to treatment. In contrast to some other formats (e.g., workshops or a peer consultation group), I hope to encourage members to continually assess their proficiency and confidence with ACT skills and processes and to share this process with the group. Between meetings, I will organize ways to address members’ questions and concerns and help to move folks forward. Subsequent meetings will address members’ questions and struggles understanding and applying ACT concepts and continually nudge folks toward greater competence with ACT.

I am excited about this group because I think it has advantages over existing formats for learning ACT.  Read more.  (I hope to start this group in spring to summer 2012)

For individuals interested in more standard, time-limited trainings, there are several planned workshops each focusing on specific ACT skill sets.

ACT Core Skills 1: Defusion and Acceptance

This three-hour workshop will focus on developing skill with two of the six ACT core processes, Defusion and Acceptance. We will examine the interplay between these processes, helping our clients and ourselves become more open to private events (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations) that seem to be in the way of living well.

Check dates and register.

ACT Core Skills 2:  Values and Committed Action

This three-hour workshop will focus on developing skill with two of the six ACT core processes, Values and Committed Action. We will examine the dance between these two processes: determining valued directions and then taking active steps toward a life that is more rich, full and free from historical constraints.

Check dates and register.

ACT Core Skills 3:  Being Present and Self-as-Context

This three-hour workshop will focus on developing skill with two of the six ACT core processes, Self-as-context and Contact with the present moment.  We will examine ACT as a mindfulness-based therapy, the different senses of self, defusing from our personal stories and unworkable templates for change, and becoming more present to better connect to the contingencies of our actual lives.

Check dates and register.

Please consult the ACT in New England page to determine when workshops are being offered.  You can also sign up to receive my newsletter to receive notification of workshops.

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