Everyday Mindfulness

Whether you are interested in stress management, settling a restless mind, or restoring a sense of balance in your life, this is the crash course on mindfulness for the ordinary person. Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of mindfulness but have not yet been able to successfully integrate practices into your life. Or perhaps you have tried meditation but learned that you “couldn’t” do it. This course will cover a variety of mindfulness and related stress management and awareness strategies from both eastern spiritual disciplines and western psychology. Don’t worry: All approaches will be thoroughly translated into ordinary nontechnical English. Please note that this will not be a meditation class, per se, though meditation will certainly be one component of the course. Learn more or forward this information to someone who may be interested.

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1 thought on “Everyday Mindfulness

  1. This sounds great, as I have my own way of thinking and set of beliefs I realize that I need a guided approach to being mindful of them! It is so easy to step of the path as I loose mindfulness.

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