Anxiety and Depression

Strategies:  Living Well with Anxiety and Depression

In this group, participants will learn strategies to better cope with the intertwined issues of anxiety and depression.   While we tend to think of anxiety and depression as independent problems, this group will introduce a different and more useful take on the relationship between the two.  Participants will learn a broad range of new strategies to get unstuck, make changes, cope more effectively, and take active steps toward a rich, full life now.  The approach will emphasize strategies that can have an impact in the short-term but, more importantly, can transform your relationship with anxiety and depression in the long-term.  The  group will provide a small, supportive and caring community of peers, free of judgement, that can allow members to work at their own pace to develop a workable, individualized path forward.

Topics:  The core of the work will be based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with some innovative twists on how to best respond to life’s difficulties (don’t worry if these terms do not mean much to you!). Other strategies will be drawn from more traditional CBT and mindfulness-based therapies.

The next group series will begin in early September.  I am currently aiming for Wednesdays mid-day (noon to 1:30 pm) or Tuesdays in the early evening. If you are interested in being part of the next group series, please complete my Groups and Classes Interest Form to provide me with your name and contact information and to inform me about days/times that would work for you.  You can also contact me with any questions.

The regular group fee is $40 per group.  If the cost would prevent you from participating, please note that there may be a limited number of spots available for reduced fee (if the group does not fill).

Insurance.  I will not be accepting insurance payment for these groups.

I hope to offer an optional, open-ended Strategies group for people who complete the 8 week course and wish to continue working on goals and getting support from other members.  Details of this are still pending.

You are also welcome to sign up to receive more information, updates, and my newsletter about programs and services for the general public, potential clients, and behavioral health professionals.

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