Mindful Recovery

Explore and develop your unique recovery path borrowing the best ideas and practices from both Eastern traditions and Western recovery models and psychology.

The premise of this group is that there is no one right way out of active addiction or problem substance use but multiple paths and that some of these can greatly benefit from mindfulness and contemplative practices originating in the East and from Buddhism in particular.  However, the group will not endorse a specific school of practice and will focus on the secular (non-religious) application of such practices as one component of a recovery path.  The broad goal of the group for its members will be “living a rich, full life” and exploring ways to cultivate better habits of mind and action to pursue this end.

Groups are forming

Based on early feedback, it appears there is interest in a couple of different groups that may fall within this “Mindful Recovery” program:

  • A group for people who are interested in integrating meditation, mindfulness and contemplative practices into their recovery.
  • A group for people who want to supplement their participation in traditional recovery programs with a different experience or even find a different path than that offered by 12 step programs.

While these groups may overlap in their focus, methods, and participants, they are not necessarily a single coherent group.  Depending on the amount of interest, I may form one or both groups in the very near future. I hope to have at least one and perhaps both groups up over the summer.

If you are interested being part of a group, please complete my Groups and Classes Interest Form or contact me directly.

The regular group fee is $40 per group.  Please note that I will be using a “pay what you can” policy for this group.  “Pay what you can” means that you can pay between $20 (minimum) and $40 (regular fee) per group to participate.

Insurance.  I will not be accepting insurance payment for these groups.  However, please note that most insurance plans require copayments between $15 and $30 per session, so the actual cost will not far exceed most copayment costs.

Please sign up to receive more information, updates, and my newsletter about programs and services for the general public, potential clients, and behavioral health professionals.

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