FAQ about the payments
Can I pay some other way?  Unfortunately, no. This system is easy on me and enables me to keep the cost down. Please do not ask for an alternate payment method!
Do I need to have a PayPal account to register?  No, simply follow links below the payment button that read “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card.”  PayPal is aggressive with trying to get folks to use PayPal.  It is annoying, but I cannot help it.
What if my card changes?  This happens often. Once I get notification that your payment was unable to process, I will re-send you the link to register a new card.
Do I get a refund if I miss a monthly meeting?  I use this subscription payment method with the ACT Study Groups that I have been running for the past few years. I initially gave refunds when folks missed.  However, this proved to be a major headache for me and had a negative impact on the group as seats were held for folks who were coming only intermittently. Instead, I lowered the monthly fee and stopped providing refunds. This change stabilized the group rosters with most folks attending regularly (but missing occasionally) and others eventually giving up their seats and allowing more committed participants to take their places.The net effect was clearly beneficial. For the Therapy PracticeLab groups, I decided to go with this kind of plan from the beginning (with the exception of the first meeting, see next FAQ).  Instead of using a $60-$75 monthly charge, I opted to keep the fee lower and not offer refunds. My hope and plan is for the group (and related communication, support, and guidance among members between the meetings) to provide much more value to participants than its cost. You, of course, can determine if this succeeds by remaining in the groups or opting out in the future.